We help our clients retain happier employees, business partners and customers with Sodexo Gift Pass by providing freedom of choices.
Sodexo Gift Pass is a one-stop voucher service. Beneficiaries can redeem the goods or services they like in our wide-range merchant network. Our offers are based on two categories:
·         Enhancing human resource policy to help them increase their attractiveness through our Employee Benefits.
·         Motivating teams to achieve quantitative or qualitative objectives such as increasing sales, managing partner networks, etc. with our Incentive and Recognition programs.
Sodexo solutions bring :
* source:Buck Consultants - Global Wellness Survey. 

  1. Beneficiary Satisfaction
    Sodexo Gift Pass provides a variety of choice to the beneficiaries, ensuring the satisfaction of your employees, business partners and consumers in any occasion.
  2. Motivated Teams
    Recognizing and motivating staff contributes to talent-retention. According to surveys*, 69% of employees claim that the benefits and incentives received are the reason to stay loyal to their companies ; 
  3. Convenience
    Sodexo solutions bring no hassle to you. It is safe with its state-of-the-art security features and stringent operational process. Thus, avoiding storage and logistics costs.
  4. Increased Profitability
    The satisfaction of employees, business partners and consumers can drive the growth of a company. With Sodexo solutions, these satisfied employees, business partners and consumers will be more willing to engage in the business and contribute to the company’s profitability.